In the past,
even after setting IoT devices inside the rooms,
indivisual apps were required
for each movement such as opening keys,
turning on the lights or switching on the air conditioner.


we prepare "&IoT" (developed by our own technology),
which can be operated through
a single app with any device.
To make each experience more advanced,
we make your futuristic digital life come true.


A life with IoT
for a cutting edge experience

Still not ready to actually buy IoT devices
but also unsatisfied with just a hands
on experience at showrooms?
You can engage with the IoT first hand
by staying at our hostel.


as the First Marketing Place
for IoT devices

Independently developed app "&IoT"
allows us to accumulate and analyze
quantitive and qualitative data
from the users straight back
to the manufacturers.

A future for &AND HOSTEL

By cooperating with a variety of associated companies,
building a scheme to create IoT products,
&AND HOSTEL will function as the bridge
from development to distribution throughout Japan.

We collaborate to productize any intellectual property that had remained unrecognized at Former Imperial university and other Universities.

We are an official supporter for Open Challenge (accelerator program) hosted by DMM.make.

Since we are a hostel growing rapidly throughout Japan, marketing your products through us is absolutely possible. By utilizing user data, we are able to step up your product to the next level.

Prototypes with realistic goals of becoming a product or products that are known to be outstanding will be invested during the seed or expansion stage.

For start-up companies, we provide sales channel that may be difficult to attain at first.

Let’s experience
a futuristic IoT lifestyle